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Burning incense to cleanse sin scents.

Tara. 19. A Renaissance Woman. A jill of all trades.
I make wishes on other peoples eyelashes.
I believe in karma. I love to travel.
Humor me because I think I'm hilarious.

Aboot me: Pre-Med (Binghamton U). Poetry. Nerd. Jamaican. In a relationship with myself right now. I am in love with me.

My life: Study. Shower. Sex. Shmerk. Snack. Sleep. Smile. Zen :3

Curiosity is the lust of the mind. Ask me something. Or not. :3

I knew I was a nerd when my parents used to punish me by not letting me read.

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    Yep. I was sent to my room and not allowed to read. I just had to sit there.
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    No, Mom told me the precise moment she gave up. She set you in the middle of the kitchen on a time out and when she came...
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    mom gave up on me after she realized my imagination could make staring at a wall interesting. I’m so glad we weren’t the...
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    Mine did this too. They only allowed textbooks for school….I ALWAYS has Lit homework then.
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    Yep, mine too. I still hold I wasn’t a nerd, though. :p
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    Mom tried, when I was six. It was the day I started to write. I still have the scrap of paper and it was the best thing...
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    This punishment must have been harder to enforce than the no-TV method, I guess. And I hope of course that you are...
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    Only until I finished the homework.
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